Features at a glance:

Messe Login:

Use the centralised authentication component of Messe Frankfurt to log on to your existing productpilot.com account. If you create a new account here, you can use it to log on to all the other Messe Frankfurt sites. 

Own user profile:

You can create an optimised user profile for each available language. You can edit this information in your account settings. You can also view your user profile how other users see it. 

Bookmark feature:

Bookmark suppliers, product and users for a later date and view them by using the bookmark.

Business Matching feature:

The system automatically searches for suitable business partners for you after you have filled in the corresponding wizards. During this process, the data you entered is compared with other users’ data. Potential business partners are then sorted according to the match percentage rate and displayed in the results.


The productpilot.com Dashboard appears after each login once at the top of your currently displayed page. It offers the option of seeing everything at a glance that has happened in your absence: New messages, new contact requests and new business matching results.


You have the option to perform industry specific as well as industry non-specific searches. In addition, you can narrow the results even further by using the filter options.

Messaging system:

The internal messaging system lets you contact other users directly.

Contact feature:

The contact feature is your own productpilot.com address book. Send requests to other users with whom you want to remain in contact and find them again at any time. Naturally, you can also receive requests yourself. You have the choice to accept or decline such requests.

Notification settings:

You will be automatically notified by e-mail if you have new messages, contact requests or business matching results. You can change this setting at any time. You can also use the newsletter to stay informed about new features in the portal.

Privacy settings:

Determine which information other logged-on users can see and which they cannot. 

For exhibitors only

Supplier presentation:

You can create an optimised presentation for each available language. Display your company’s products or services in Germany, English and Chinese.

Product presentation:

Highlight your products with your own presentation and that in each available language. Describe your products in German, English and Chinese.

Statistics feature:

Here you can view your access statistics for your company and product presentations on productpilot.com.

Add to your presentations:

Get found more easily and quickly, by expanding your company or product presentation with additional add-ons. We will be more than happy to assist you. Simply get in touch with us.