General Terms and Conditions

A. Registration MyAccount

B. Use of Business Matching services

General Terms and Conditions for MyAccount Registration (as of 09/2015)

A. Registration MyAccount

The different associated companies of the Messe Frankfurt Group provide a number of digital services (hereinafter referred to as "Services"). There is the registration portal called MyAccount where interested parties can sign up for these services. These General Terms and Conditions for Registration (hereinafter referred to as "MyAccount T&C") regulate the registration of natural persons (hereinafter referred to as "User" or "Users") who wish to use digital Services provided by Messe Frankfurt GmbH, Messe Frankfurt Exhibition GmbH, Messe Frankfurt Venue GmbH, Messe Frankfurt Medien und Service GmbH und Accente Gastronomie Service GmbH (hereinafter referred to as "Messe Frankfurt”).

Messe Frankfurt GmbH is responsible for managing the registration process and for providing support for MyAccount.

The MyAccount T&C shall be accepted by the User at the time of registration and refer to the use of digital Services. The MyAccount data privacy conditions shall apply as well.

Additional general terms and conditions shall apply to certain Services (e.g., orders liable for payment of costs). These must be accepted separately before the Services can be used.

1. Registration

1.1. The User shall register before making use of the Services. Registration shall only be permitted for natural persons having full contractual capacity who plan to use the Services exclusively within the context of their business activities or activities as a freelancer. By registering, the User guarantees that all information provided by him is applicable and complete. The User may not use any pseudonyms or pen names as an exclusive means of identification. If the User's information changes in any way after the registration process has been completed, the User shall be under the obligation to personally correct said information without delay.

1.2. The agreement entered into between Messe Frankfurt and the User shall be effected by way of a confirmation of registration by Messe Frankfurt and activation of the MyAccount by the User.

1.3. A company's main contact who is registered in the system may view the names of other registered employees of that same company for individual Services.

1.4. The User affirms to only upload photos of himself in his profile that are current and in which the User is clearly recognizable. The User shall assume responsibility within the meaning of press and copyright law for public communication of any photos provided by the User. Provision of photos or illustrations that do not depict the User shall be prohibited.

1.5. The User shall enter a password during the registration process. The User shall be under the obligation to keep his password confidential and not provide it to third parties. Messe Frankfurt shall not ask the User for his password at any time other than on the log-in page. The User may change his password by submitting an automated request for a new password (extra button on MyAccount). Messe Frankfurt shall not assume liability for any damage caused by negligent communication of a password to third parties or selection of a password that is too obvious.

1.6. A User account shall be non-transferable.

1.7. Messe Frankfurt shall not undertake any guarantee for the actual identity or truthful representation of a User. Each User shall therefore be responsible for determining the truthfulness of the identity of another User for himself.

2. Cancellation, liability

2.1. The usage relationship shall be in force indefinitely. Messe Frankfurt shall have the right to cancel the usage agreement at any time with a notice period of fourteen (14) days.

2.2. Messe Frankfurt shall also have the right to cancel the agreement at any time for good cause without observing a notice period, particularly if it would be unreasonable to expect Messe Frankfurt to continue the contractual relationship.

2.3. The User may cancel the usage agreement at any time with immediate effect by clicking the cancellation button on their log-in page. Messe Frankfurt shall have the right to use the User's MyAccount data, if necessary, until all digital Services that have already been ordered have been processed in full.

2.4. Messe Frankfurt shall assume unlimited liability for damages caused by intent or gross negligence or involving injury to life, limb or health.

2.5 Messe Frankfurt shall also be liable for damages caused by slight negligence if said negligence involves the violation of those contractual obligations, compliance with which is particularly important in order to achieve the purpose of the agreement (material obligations). Compensation claims shall be limited to the typical, foreseeable damages at the time of the contract conclusion. In this context, Messe Frankfurt shall not be liable for compensation for indirect damages/consequential harm, particularly not for loss of profit.

3. Transfer of agreement to third parties

Messe Frankfurt shall have the right to transfer its rights and obligations from this contractual relationship to a third party in full or in part with a notice period of four weeks. In this case, the User shall have the right to cancel the usage agreement with immediate effect by clicking the cancellation button on their log-in page.

4. Changes to the General Terms and Conditions

Messe Frankfurt shall have the right to make changes to the MyAccount T&C at any time to the extent deemed necessary and to the extent doing so does not pose a disadvantage to the User against good faith. The User shall be sent an email containing the modified conditions in due time. If the customer does not object to the validity of the new MyAccount T&C within six (6) weeks after receipt of the email, the changed MyAccount T&C shall be deemed to have been accepted. Should the User contest the validity of the new General Terms and Conditions by the deadline specified above, Messe Frankfurt shall have the right to cancel the contractual relationship with the User duly with a notice period of two (2) weeks. Messe Frankfurt will provide the User with information as to his right to object and the significance of the objection period.

5. Final provisions

5.1. Changes or additions to the MyAccount T&C must be made in writing. This shall also apply to the waiver of this written form requirement. There are no side agreements.

5.2. Should individual regulations contained in these MyAccount T&C be or become ineffective, the effectiveness of the remaining regulations shall remain thereby unaffected. The ineffective provision shall be replaced by a provision that comes as close as possible to the commercial meaning and purpose of the ineffective provision as effective under law. The same shall apply to potential gaps in the regulations.

5.3. Place of performance shall be the seat of business of Messe Frankfurt.

5.4. Place of jurisdiction shall be the seat of business of Messe Frankfurt to the extent permitted by law.

5.5. German law shall apply to the exclusion of international private law and the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods, which has been adapted into German Law. The German text shall be decisive in the interpretation of the General Terms and Conditions.

B. Use of Business Matching services

The following additional conditions shall also apply to the use of Business Matching services provided by the respective company of Messe Frankfurt referred to in A. These conditions shall be accepted at the time of registration for MyAccount:

1. Subject of the agreement

1.1. Business Matching services provide registered users with private, free-of-charge research and contact services for finding business contacts as well as the use of extended basic product and company search features, if applicable. Users shall be responsible for their own use of these services. Messe Frankfurt does not offer support or assistance for these services.

1.2. The User shall have the right to use the services and content offered within the scope of the Business Matching services. Any use exceeding this shall require the prior written permission of Messe Frankfurt.

1.3. The data and/or information provided by the User shall only be made available within the scope of the Business Matching services to the extent this data and/or information does not violate legal provisions or the MyAccount T&C. Messe Frankfurt shall have the right to remove illegal content from the Business Matching services without prior notification.

1.4. Messe Frankfurt shall not assume responsibility for the technical availability of the provided services. A guarantee or the right to claim damages of any kind in the case of technical failure or other operational interruptions shall be excluded. Maintenance, security or capacity requirements, in particular, as well as events that are not within the power of Messe Frankfurt to control (e.g., interruptions in public communications networks, power failure, etc.) may cause brief interruptions or temporary unavailability of services.

1.5. The user shall have access to contact and communications services with various applications. Messe Frankfurt shall not participate in communication content and shall not be responsible for whether or not communication takes place. Messe Frankfurt shall not participate in any agreements that are signed via the Business Matching services and shall therefore not be considered a contracting partner to those agreements. The User shall bear sole responsibility for compliance with any agreements signed by him. Messe Frankfurt shall not be liable for the User's failure to fulfill any obligations specified in these agreements.

2. User obligations

2.1. The User shall comply with applicable laws as well as the rights of third parties when using content and services within the scope of the Business Matching services. The User shall particularly be prohibited from

  • using insulting or defamatory content regardless of whether this content affects other Users or other persons or companies,
  • using pornographic or other content in violation of the laws regarding the protection of minors or advertising, offering or selling pornographic products or products in violation of the laws regarding the protection of minors,
  • using content protected under law (e.g., by way of copyright, trademark, patent, design patent or utility model law) without having the right to do so or advertising, offering or selling merchandise or services protected under law, or
  • conducting or encouraging anti-competitive activities, including progressive customer canvassing (such as chain letters or snowball or pyramid schemes).

2.2. When using the communication features provided by the Business Matching services, the User shall not be permitted to

  • unreasonably bother other Users within the meaning of sec. 7 German Law of Unfair Business Practices (UWG),
  • send out chain letters (SPAM),
  • conduct, promote or encourage structured marketing measures (such as multi-level marketing or multi-level network marketing),
  • communicate in a way that involves suggestive or sexual content (explicit or implicit).

2.3. The User shall be prohibited from the following:

  • using mechanisms, software or scripts in connection with using the Business Matching services,
  • copying via "robot/crawler" search machine technology,
  • distributing and publicly communicating content from the Business Matching services or from other Users,
  • any activity that could limit the functionality of the infrastructure of the Business Matching services, particularly any activity that could put exceptional strain on the system.

2.4. The layout of the Business Matching services and the MyAccount T&C may only be copied and/or used on other websites with prior written permission of Messe Frankfurt.

3. Sanctions and blocking

3.1. Messe Frankfurt may, at its own discretion, take appropriate measures if it has good reason to assume that a User has violated legal provisions, rights of third parties or the MyAccount T&C, or if Messe Frankfurt has another justified interest, particularly the protection of other Users from fraudulent activities.

3.2. Messe Frankfurt may, without prior notification, delete all content uploaded by the User, issue a cease-and-desist letter or block access to the Business Matching services if the following occurs:

the User fails to comply with legal provisions, the User provides false contact information, particularly a fake or invalid email address, the User violates their contractual obligations as specified in the MyAccount T&C, particularly the provisions listed under item 2, the User advertises for associations or groups that are under surveillance by the security or youth protection authorities, the User is involved in criminal prosecution due to their business practices and is causing damage to one or more other Users.

4. Responsibility and limitation of liability

Messe Frankfurt does not assume any responsibility for content, data or information provided by the Users or for content on linked external websites, and all liability in connection with any of the above shall be excluded. In particular, Messe Frankfurt shall not guarantee that this content is applicable, fulfills a specific purpose or could be used for said purpose.

5. Indemnity

The user shall indemnify Messe Frankfurt against all claims asserted by other Users or other third parties against Messe Frankfurt due to an infringement of their rights or violation of the law by content provided by the User within the scope of the Business Matching services or resulting from the User's use of the Business Matching services. The User shall also assume costs for any necessary legal defense of Messe Frankfurt, including all court and attorney's fees. All further rights as well as damages claims of Messe Frankfurt shall remain hereby unaffected. The User's obligations as defined above shall not apply to the extent the User is not responsible for such infringement of the law.