+++ Attention: important notice +++

Dear productpilot.com users, 

The information and service platform productpilot.com is being discontinued on 29 March 2019. All popular features will be integrated on the event websites at www.messefrankfurt.com in the future if they have not already been integrated. Your trade fair login and any existing exhibitor presentation remain unaffected by this.

Further details can be found in our FAQ.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at digitalservices@messefrankfurt.com or +49 69 7575 5443.

Your Messe Frankfurt team

What is productpilot.com?

Productpilot.com is an international B2B supplier portal that showcases companies, products and users, with the aim of matching supply and demand. Currently 21,000 companies and 120,000 products of different exhibitors at Messe Frankfurt can be found at trade fairs in Frankfurt who are often the market leader in their industry. As a registered user, you receive relevant information such as contact details, visual company and product descriptions as well as videos.

A new industry segmentation allows for very industry-specific access into the preferred sector. Not fixed on a specific industry? Using the comprehensive search will help you find what you need. A variety of filter functions supports you in narrowing your search results down further, if needed and thus obtaining the best result very simply.

Register to receive entire contact information, save matching results in your watch list, connect with other users via the internal messaging system, or to receive recommendations for relevant companies or users by the business matching function automatically.

For buyers

Your benefits as a registered user are explained here in brief.

For suppliers

Here you can receive all the information necessary to create the optimum presentation for your company.

All features at a glance

See an overview of the new and improved features of productpilot.com

Your biggest helpers on productpilot.com

Productpilot.com offers a wealth of features for working in the best way possible on the supplier portal.
We would like to familiarise you with four of these features:



The search is your first stop in the search for companies, products and users. You can use it across industries benefit or narrowing down the search results on one of the six industries in advance. Narrowing down to an industry is also possible after performing the search.

The search results page also offers you additional filtering options to optimise your search results. This also lets you display only suppliers, products or users.



Found a supplier or buyer found that has awakened your interest? Found a profile that is looking for exactly what you offer? Got a question about a product? You can send a message to all any user on productpilot.com and thus quickly and easily come into contact with the person.

All sent messages are therefore saved in the Outbox. All new messages you receive and replies to your messages can be found in the Inbox.

You can also receive notifications for new messages via email. Don’t miss out on anything!



Whenever you see the push pin, you can bookmark the content shown, no matter whether it is a supplier, product or user. You can then find this content in your favourites.

Use this function, for example, to first gain an overview of and bookmark interesting content. Return later with the help of your bookmark back to review details or see something again.

Sort the list by product, supplier or user to quickly find what you are looking for. Of course you can also remove bookmarked content from your list.



The contact feature is your own productpilot.com address book.

You also have the option of sending other users a contact request and to add them to your contacts. Naturally you can also receive requests yourself. You have the choice to accept or decline such requests.

You can sort your contacts by first name, surname or company. You can send them messages directly or view their profiles again.

The industries at a glance

Habitation & Living

Electronics & Electrical Engineering

Industrial Equipment & Plant Manufacturing

Automotive & Infrastructure

Entertainment & IT

Textiles & Clothing