Consultancy & Services

Consultancy & services refers to a particular line of work whereby a person or company will provide their expert assistance to other companies. Someone who works in this specialist sector is sometimes known as a consultancy service provider, and they are active in many different areas of work such as finance, marketing and security.

The benefits a consultant offers to a company or person lie in the expertise knowledge or opinions imparted. A consultancy provider in marketing, for instance, might offer their skills in creating an effective advertising campaign, while a financial consultant such as an accountant might give advice on keeping within the law regarding tax issues. No matter the type of consultancy required, hosts a range of businesses offering many professional services year-round.

The long-term success of a business or company can be greatly assisted by a consultancy expert. Indeed, with expertise and training which often branches over many industries, any company employing a consultancy service expert can benefit from the expert advice and knowledge. At, businesses can connect with other businesses easily to agree on an effective consultancy plan. Sometimes, not having the right knowledge in a particular area of work can hinder the profit margin, so these cross-industry consultancy service provider experts and their services are incredibly useful.

The Consultancy & Services category at is located in the Materials & Semi-Finished Products section, where related categories such as Services & Publishing Houses can be found. Here, company decision makers can source people and other companies in the know concerning materials and semi-finished products. This may involve devising a manufacturing process, sourcing services for bringing together the right materials or seeking advice on maintaining efficiency in production.

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