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Media is an incredibly broad term, though is generally used in reference to all forms of collective communication of information and data, and can apply to both communication media and specialist media-business functions such as print media, photography, and all forms of broadcasting services. The term institutions, within a media-associated context, usually refers to organisations requiring media-specific services or involved in the publication of an array of media-related materials, for example, in connection with consultancy and training applications.

Some form of media is essential to all business endeavours. Especially when it comes to digital media, such as a company’s online presence and publications, the industry is developing rapidly and keeping in touch with the latest changes is vital for companies in the faster paced industries, such as digital marketing or online sales. helps companies locate service providers for digital and technical needs, as well as media-specific services such as digital or website experts. Media libraries are used by companies to store and protect internal media act as an important resource as the move is gradually made away from paper resources to digital forms of data storage.

Printed media still holds a great importance when it comes to marketing and publicity. Many businesses will implement the services of a publisher, designer or printing service in order to produce flyers, informative pamphlets or questionnaires. These are especially useful resources when it comes to publicising the launch of a new product or service, or even the new founding of a business. For the food industry, having paper menus and take-away leaflets available, as well as online details, is vital for successful marketing. can be used to locate service providers for these aspects of media marketing.

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