484 Shirt Finisher

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Shirt finisher for high-production and top-quality results. Either for connection to main steam (484) or electrically heated (484/E).

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Via di Mezzo, 78
41037 Mirandola (MO)


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Model 484 is a new, improved version of the Barbanti Shirt Finisher, which has been on the market for over 20 years.


Besides the existing combination of high hourly productivity, perfect finishing quality and energy saving, the innovative technologies applied on 484 have brought further advantages, both from an economic and from an operational point of view.


The workspace is healthier and more pleasant thanks to the low noise level and the reduced temperature on the machine, which prevents the operator from being hit by hot air at every finishing cycle.


The simple garment positioning operations and the machine ease of use ensure the achievement of excellent results from the beginning, even without qualified staff.


The machine is equipped with the new Barbanti touch screen computer, user-friendly and straightforward, with multiple combinations for the control of functions, piece counter, customizable programs, statistics, fault diagnostic, transmission of machine data, production and productivity, set-up for stand-by function.


Energy saving: three patented devices

·         Energy saving device, to recycle hot air and reintroduce it into the finishing cycle, with conspicuous advantages for the operator, such as significant reduction in energy consumption, reduced amount of hot air in the work place and higher air temperature for the drying function, with consequent reduction in finishing times and increase in production.

·         Condensate recirculation system (for steam-heated model)for condensate residual heat recovery and reintroduction into the circuit.

·         Stand-by function, to pay only for the really consumed energy.

Reduced space requirement, to allow the machine to pass through a 90 cm wide door.


Optional extras

·         heated cuff vent plates

·         short sleeve arms

·         stand-by function

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