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DDS-CAD, the market leading CAD/BIM software for plumbing, heating, air condition and ventilation. Within the technical building services, DDS-CAD facilitates complete design and dimensioning of piping and duct networks in 2D and 3D. Volume and area calculations are included in the automatic intelligent building model. Integrated calculations cover heat load, pipe dimensioning, potable and wastewater as well as mechanical ventilation, pressure loss and air flow requirements. Projects can be documented for installation plans, line and systems diagrams and automatic bill of quantities.

DDS-CAD HVAC & Plumbing consists of two fully functional separate modules for plumbing/heating (including cooling, sprinkler and gas) and air condition/ventilation. Both modules are interoperable and can also be combined with the Electrical module.

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Plumbing & Heating

The module specifically tailored to the design and dimensioning of pipe networks for heating, cooling, sanitary and sewage systems. The integrated calculations range from heat load, U-value, pressure drop, automatic radiator dimensioning to looped potable water, sewage and cooling systems. Also underfloor heating systems can be calculated and planned with DDS-CAD Plumbing & Heating.


The HVAC module for the design of air conditioning and ventilation systems is suitable for planning large as well as smaller controlled residential ventilation systems. The software enables intelligent duct network construction and automatic dimensioning. The air flow requirements can be calculated according to the number of people, to mechanical/sanitary air exchange and emission of pollutants. Furthermore, hydraulic balancing is automatically achieved by covers, flaps, or adjustable air terminals.

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