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  • 3002 Jelgava
  • Latvia


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Forgaminnt is an innovative baby fashion brand that brings joy and presents the best with modern, comfortable, aesthetic, high-quality, eco-friendly baby clothes and toys that stand out.


When you are stroking your newborn's soft  back for the first time, you realize that you have never held anything more precious in your hands.

That is why we have created a cozy clothing collection for the smallest ones. It is made of innovative amber yarn fabric which boasts many unique qualities.

Successfully combining high-quality cotton with an amber yarn a particularly soft and breathable fabric is obtained that has a beneficial effect on the baby's health -


  • improves blood circulation

  • does not cause allergies

  • soothes

  • as well as protects against magnetic fields and ultraviolet rays

  • Amber filament helps to fight inflammation and improves skin's health.



Dare to be a crispy carrot or a juicy strawberry in this world of thoughtful teddy bears and fluffy bunnies!


We bring a smile to every face with our new, unique soft toy collection CHEWABLE and LOVABLE. The inspiration came from a grandma's garden where a carrot chock full of vitamins is friends with a sunny strawberry queen.

These special playthings lie comfortably in tiny hands, help to soothe active fingers and itchy teeth. They bring joy to both children and adults. What can be more fun than seeing a baby try to bite into their first carrot – eyes wide open in surprise, yet not giving up!


We want to give babies the very best from their very first days, so we have given a lot of thought to every detail....

Forgaminnt  is proud of its LOGO - a palmprint of a newborn. It is so special because it is Little Mike's palm – the same one which squeezed his mom's finger so tight for the first time, stroke her smiley face, left a delicious stain on her new tablecloth, held her hand tight when making those first steps or not letting go of his toy.

... and all this with these teeny-weeny hands ..

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Knitted fabric development

Babys clothing production

Soft toys production


Knitted baby blanket

Knitted baby blanket from COTTON and AMBER Yarn When you are stroking your newborn's soft  back...

Forgaminnt, SIA Lacplesa 19a-12 3002 Jelgava Latvia +371 26785159

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